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The Resilience Project

Establishing Cycling Centers for the Southern Envelope Communities in Crisis

The Resilience Project by the "Bartali Youth in Motion" association is designed to support the communities in Israeli southern envelope areas in the medium and long term.

October 7th disaster severely affected the Envelope communities. The road to restoring Israeli hope is long and it goes through the restoration of communities, children and youth in the heart of the event. Those who survived the atrocities and horrors, and were displaced from their homes, symbolize our present and future.

The goal:

Assistance in establishing a temporary new routine

Building renewed trust and strengthening resilience

Providing services adapted to the needs of the children and youth in each community

Approach: Establishing community cycling centers for youth.

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Bartali Association:

On normal days, the Bartali association focuses on building and restoring resilience among youth whose lives have brought them difficult struggles and hardship, via operation of educational cycling programs in boarding schools, youth villages and rehabilitation centers throughout the country.

Bartali's operating model is based on establishing cycling centers that provide the necessary conditions for professional and organized activity. This includes:



Logistics Center:

Including professional bicycles and cycling equipment.



Professional Staff:

Employed by the association: Instructors, Mechanics, and Content Managers.

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With the local community’s contacts, responsible for integrating the activity.


The association plans to use the existing model, which is based on the establishment of educational cycling centers, while adapting and focusing on a number of unique actions needed in response to the new reality that has met us all since the October 7th disaster:
1. Incorporation of care personnel within the current activity of the riding groups
2. Creation of groups for parents and members of the adult community.
3. Creation of an annual "flagship event" for which the teams will train.

The Bartali association began operating immediately and the association's first cycling center began operating in recent weeks in Eilat and is conducting activities for the evacuated communities.
Additional centers are expected to open in the coming weeks in the Dead Sea and Mitzpe Ramon.
The association is committed to a long and stable process with the communities, and is prepared to travel with them in the country to their new place of residence as much as it takes

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The children of the southern envelope need us now! And we need your help to establish new cycling centers for the affected communities.

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Bartali - Youth in Motion

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